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More than . . .

Beyond our primary scope of services lie countless opportunities for our team to support your project.


We love what we do, but we are also game to help you chase your goal. If you have an idea, and you are wonder if we are the right fit for you, call us for a project consultation. Your project may be the adventure we are looking for!

  • Provide claim staking materials, field deployment, and project management.
  • Winter freighting of field supplies by snow machine or dog team.
  • Pioneer or clear winter access trails.
  • Reconnaissance of mining claims, field camps, and deployed assets during the winter off-season.
  • Transport groups of workers / travellers to job sites and remote put-ins.
  • Manage and conduct remote construction projects.

“Horst was flexible and accommodating with our changing camp needs right to the launch date. The camp they provided for us on the north of the Brooks Range fit our needs perfectly, and was well staffed and run in a very remote location.”

Isaac Rowland, PE/P.Eng
Palmer, Alaska