More than Logistics | Logistic Support Services | H.E.R.O.
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More than Logistics

You have a job to do.


Whether it’s to build a new runway, drill for geologic samples, mine precious metals, deploy scientific instruments, film a new episode, or clean up the environment, with the Horst team on your side, you can simply focus on the task at hand. Leave the movement of your supplies, replacement parts, and people to us.


Our experienced team has been where you are. We’ve worked on the receiving end of the services we provide.

  • Manage and consolidate your freight to and from the site.
  • Schedule and oversee your charter flights utilizing the right charter service and aircraft for the job.
  • Maximize your flight payload taking into consideration passengers and priority freight.
  • Source and procure supplies and services both locally and from outside.
  • Support your contractors as their supplies and personnel integrate into your overall project logistics.
  • Simplify online ordering and receiving care packages from loved ones, our address is your address.

“Horst Expediting has provided us with a reliable base. Whenever  we were in need of anything their people were there for us without question. From moving personnel around, to supplying us with what we needed to get the job done they were all there. Thank you!”

Greg Cyr
Cyr Drilling International
Winnepeg, Manitoba