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More than a Field Camp

A good field camp is a warm, safe, and comfortable place for your crew to get dry, fed, and rested up for tomorrow’s work.  


We feature a variety of brands and sizes of structures scalable to the unique needs of your project. We offer kitchen, shower, laundry, office, and sleeper set ups complete with power, water, and heating systems.


Our camp services are as varied as your needs:

  • Lease turn-key camps, fully staffed and ready for your crew.
  • Procure and construct camp facilities owned by you.
  • Repair and maintain your company owned or leased camp facility.
  • Provide additional capacity during peak usage of your existing camp facility.
  • Bolster your crew with temporary support personnel.
  • Rent camp gear to suit your specific needs:  tents, cots, heaters, kitchen equipment, generators, UTVs, snow machines, etc.

Josh and his team built our camp in 2010 and have been our go-to support for camp repairs and maintenance ever since. They fly out to our site to do seasonal opening and closing of the camp so that we know the camp is looked after consistently year after year. Horst Expediting draws on its many years of experience setting up camps in remote areas – especially areas subject to extremely cold weather above the Arctic Circle, to warn and prepare us for things we wouldn’t even think of. They can save you thousands of dollars in mistakes and make the difference in having a successful camp that maximizes productivity. We trust Horst to work independently and in our best interest at our remote site.

Bill Schara, CEO
Goldrich Mining Company
Spokane, Washington