About H.E.R.O. | Horst Expediting and Remote Operations
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About H.E.R.O.

H.E.R.O. was created in 2008 to bring a heightened level of attention and affordable service to smaller-scale field projects.



Company founder Josh Horst believed there was a void in the camp services industry that was leaving “the little guy” paying too much for too little. Josh’s goal was to start a company that would provide affordable and personalized service to projects throughout Northern Alaska, where he could have a positive impact on their success.



As a year, then a few years, slipped into a decade of servicing field projects of all sizes and across a variety of industries, Horst Expediting & Remote Operations, Inc. has grown along with its customers, but has not lost sight of that original goal. We continue to provide affordable and personalized services to projects of any size. We believe that today’s start up project could be tomorrow’s mega project and helping each of them strive to reach their potential is our goal.



At the core of H.E.R.O. are four key people charged with managing different elements of the company and particular aspects of the client experience. A dynamic group of seasonal support staff and subcontractors work with our core four to bring our team to full strength.

Community Involvement


Fairbanks Alaska is our home and the vitality of our community is very important to us. Ours is a unique and special city situated in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness.

Our Team

Josh Horst [President]

Josh is the founder of Horst Expediting & Remote Operations. His duties encompass all operations of the company, but his primary focus is contracting and business administration. Although much of his time is spent at his desk these days, Josh savors the opportunities to fly out and work on a camp, drive a load up the haul road, or hike the woods locating mining claims.

Rebekah Gormish [Expediting Manager]

Rebekah has 25 years of industrial experience, and four years as site administrator at a remote mine in Alaska’s Brooks Range. She understands that what may seem like a simple item or request can be a “make it or break it” kind of deal for you. Her intimate knowledge of crew needs and project requirements, as well as where to get a specific widget or whatsit, makes her your best asset for expediting.

Jason Avery [Operations Manager]

Jason has been a resident of Alaska for 23 years and has extensive experience in coordinating special events both large and small and working with hundreds of volunteers and staff. He has managed a variety of large projects from facility expansions, utility upgrades to Riverboat restoration.  Jason has volunteered for the Yukon Quest for multiple years and worked on the Logistics Team for the 2017 race.

Thom Walker [Camp Project Manager]

Thom has been deploying and managing field camps in northern Alaska for 15 years. His camp projects have varied in size and purpose from small short-term environmental man camps to year-round 100+ occupancy arctic research facilities. He has been responsible for all three phases of many camp projects – from preparing the gear in town, building the camps in the field, and care and maintenance of the equipment upon it’s return. Thom is more than just the boots on the ground, he collaborates with project managers to ensure all the details of the field camp are looked after so the client gets what they need to function and succeed.